The Warranty Policy for Swarovski Products

Swarovski is a renowned brand known for its exquisite jewelry, watches, and crystal decorations. Founded in 1895 by Daniel Swarovski, the brand is celebrated for its innovation, design, and mastery of crystal cutting. Swarovski offers a wide range of products, including radiant necklaces featuring baguette shapes and prong-set crystals, elegant bracelets with flowing chains and pops of color, and vibrant earrings showcasing mixed cuts of crystals and Swarovski Zirconia. The brand’s collections like Infinity and Zodiac capture themes of love and astrology with intricate designs. Swarovski collaborates with iconic brands like Disney to create crystal-adorned collections that embody impeccable craftsmanship and creativity.

Quality of Swarowskı Products

Swarovski products are known for their exceptional quality and craftsmanship. Swarovski jewelry, adorned with imitation crystals made by experts in the field, offers a remarkable quality-to-price ratio. The crystals are designed to provide a high level of sparkle and shine, often exceeding that of naturally occurring products. While Swarovski jewelry does not contain precious metals like gold or silver, its value is influenced by current trends and fashions rather than market prices of metals. The brand’s jewelry pieces are durable and hard-wearing, but like any jewelry, they can tarnish over time if exposed to harsh chemicals or prolonged direct sunlight. Cleaning Swarovski jewelry can help maintain its luster and durability.

Some Popular Swarovski Jewelry Designs

  • A radiant necklace featuring baguette shapes and prong-set crystals, capturing intricate artistry and innovation.
  • Handmade with a variety of Swarovski Xilion Bicone Beads, these earrings are perfectly purplicious and feature a unique design.
  • These charming angel earrings feature a sweet design with a 5000-8mm Round Bead in Light Amethyst for the body and a Lavender Pearl for the head.
  • Unique and elegant earrings featuring a beautifully designed gold wire wrapping around the Swarovski Square Bead.
  • Spectacular earrings woven with delicate gold wire and clusters of Swarovski 5000 Round Beads in a stylish design.

Where Can I Buy Swarovski Products Online

You can buy Swarovski products online from various platforms, including:

  • Ubuy

    Ubuy offers a wide range of Swarovski jewelry products online at competitive prices, providing a platform to discover unique and popular global items from Swarovski.

  • Swarovski Official Website

    The official Swarovski website allows you to explore and purchase their jewelry, watches, and crystal decorations directly from the brand. It offers a diverse selection of products that embody the brand’s tradition of innovation and design excellence.

  • Brandfield

    Brandfield is an official dealer for Swarovski jewelry, watches, and sunglasses. They provide free delivery, gift wrapping, and a wide selection of Swarovski products for purchase online.

The Warranty Policy for Swarovski Products

  • Coverage

    Swarovski warrants that its branded products purchased from authorized retailers are of merchantable quality and free from material or workmanship defects under normal use. The warranty covers manufacturing and material defects for genuine Swarovski products.

  • Duration

    The warranty period varies depending on the region. In the US and the Swarovski Online Shop in the US, a two-year warranty is offered for Swarovski jewelry and accessories, while three years are provided for Swarovski Created Diamonds Jewelry. In other regions like Australia, the warranty period may differ, typically lasting for 12 months for non-watch products and 24 months for watches.

  • Exclusions

    The warranty does not cover damage caused by accident, misuse, abuse, modification, negligence after purchase, ordinary wear and tear, or failure to follow the product’s Care Advice. It’s essential to adhere to Swarovski’s care instructions to maintain the product’s quality.

  • Proof of Purchase

    For in-store purchases, the till receipt serves as proof, while online purchases require the delivery receipt or invoice as proof of purchase.

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